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Q&A with Dr. Meltzer

Dr. Meltzer Answers Your Eyecare Questions

My child is struggling in school. Should I have his/her eyes examined?


A comprehensive eye examination by an optometrist can often determine if there are visual issues interfering with a childs ability to perform in school. Many visual symptoms, some obvious, others less so, can contribute to a childs poor academic achievement. The most common symptoms to watch out for:

  • Blur at distance or near
  • Skipping or re-reading lines or words
  • Reduced reading comprehension
  • Difficulty shifting focus from near to far or far to near
  • Difficulty copying from the smart board
  • Double vision
  • Closing or covering an eye when working at near
  • Headaches; especially in the forehead, temple, or eyebrow regions
  • Difficulty attending to near work or an avoidance of reading
  • Poor spelling
  • Misaligning numbers in math
  • Unusual head or body posture when working at near
Some of these issues can be alleviated with a good pair of eyeglasses while others may require vision therapy. Vision therapy, like occupational therapy or physical therapy, is a systematic program where the body, in this case the visual system, can be retrained and strengthened to improve its ability to function. All the doctors at Eye Vision Associates are trained in the diagnosis of vision related learning problems. Drs. Meltzer and Tamburro are Eye Vision Associates Board Certified and Residency trained optometrists in visual therapy and rehabilitation. They can help determine if your child´s academic problems are visually related and help develop a program to begin helping your child work at their highest potential! If you have any questions regarding your child (or any young school aged family member) please feel free to contact our two therapy doctors at: Dr. Meltzer: Dr. Tamburro: For more information please visit: .



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We are your optometrists in Lake Ronkonkoma, NY. Dr. Gwen Gnadt, Dr, Michael Mcgovern, Dr. Bradley R. Meltzer, Dr. Kristin Protosow, and Dr.Kristen Tamburro and staff are dedicated to providing an eye care experience that is unparalleled in its quality and compassion of care. Our eye doctors strive to give personalized attention, excellent eye exam care and high quality optical solutions as the preferred optometrist service in Lake Ronkonkoma, NY.

A genuine concern for the visual well being of our patients is a cornerstone of our eye care that combines experienced Lake Ronkonkoma optometrists and the most advanced eye care technology. Our patients leave our office confident that their eye health was thoroughly evaluated, satisfied that they have been educated on the status of their eye health and all of their vision correction options and pleased to know their eye glasses and contact lenses were fit with great care and accuracy.

If you are currently a patient at Eye Vision Associates, we thank you. If you are not, we ask you to consider visiting our practice to personally experience the optometric care we can provide you and your loved ones, from comprehensive eye exams to hard to fit contact lenses. Please call or stop by our office in Lake Ronkonkoma, which also serves the nearby areas of Lake Grove and Holbrook, our eye doctors and staff will be happy to assist you with all of your eyecare needs. 

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* * * * * on 7/4/14

"We moved here in 2012 and was recommended to Eye Vision Associates. Dr. Gnadt and her team have been excellent with customer service and timelines with their appointments. The receptionist team does not only schedule appointments and answer phones, they are so efficient and provide you with the best service ever! They are the heart of the operation."
~-Todd U

* * * * * on 5/2/2013

"I want to thank Dr. Tamburro for giving me a First Class thorough eye exam. The doctors staff was great too. Thanks also to Amy for helping me pick great frames. My vision is now perfect I prefer younger Doctors like Dr Tamburro and staff that not only has a state of the art technology,but knows how to use it. Other Places did not. My vision is now 20/20. Thanks and request my eye doctor and say Jon Parkus referred you .No other Doctor ever got me 20/20 corrected in Both Eyes!!! Bravo!! Kudos to the Doctor and Entire Staff!! will post pic soon when i get them!"
~-Jon P.

* * * * * on 7/4/14

"Dr Meltzer has been checking my eyes for the past few years. I trust him and value his opinions. My prescription has been accurate and I have never seen more clearly with any other optical center. I recommend Dr Meltzer and Eye Vision Associates to all of my friends. He treats everyone like family."
~-Marsha M.

* * * * * on 7/4/14

"This is the most professional, knowledgeable staff of doctors and support staff.We have been coming here for a number of years. We live an hour and a half away. Well worth the trip. The eye vision therapy was very effective. I highly recommend this eye care practice."
~-Betsy A.

* * * * * on 8/23/2012

"I've been going to Eye Vision Associates and using Dr Gnadt for about eight years. I go annually for my dilated eye exam and to get a new contact lens prescription. There really isn't a more organized or well-run place. You can make your annual exam for the following year before you even walk out the door. I like this service, because otherwise I certainly wouldn't remember. Dr Gnadt is the kindest and most dedicated of doctors. I never feel rushed although a full visit with screenings, lens fittings etc can take about two hours, so don't plan on being somewhere else right away.."
~-Christie C.

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