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Diagnostic Test for Sjögren’s Syndrome

Uncover a potential systemic cause of dry eye before it takes hold. Sjo_Logo_web

Sjö is a diagnostic test that combines traditional and novel, proprietary biomarkers to create an advanced diagnostic panel for the early detection of Sjögren’s syndrome.

The early symptoms of Sjögren’s syndrome commonly present as routine dry eye. Sjögren’s syndrome affects about 4 million people in the U.S.; most of whom are undiagnosed.

Early Diagnosis Can Improve Management of Sjögren’s Syndromesjo_test

Sjögren’s Syndrome causes patients’ immune cells to attack moisture-producing glands resulting in dry eye, which is one of the early and hallmark symptoms of the disease.

Many Sjögren’s patients first see their eye care practitioner with dry eye symptoms which are often mistaken for routine dry eye.

It is estimated that more than 20 million patients aged 40 years and older suffer from dry eyes in the US, and as many as 1 in 10 dry eye patients may also have Sjögren’s Syndrome.

Eye care practitioners are therefore in a unique position to help identify patients with Sjögren’s Syndrome. Currently, there is an average delay of 4.7 years for patients to receive an accurate diagnosis, and patients are often diagnosed in late stages of the disease after gland degradation has taken effect. Earlier detection is important to allow time for proper management and to help avoid further complications.