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Children's Vision, Learning Difficulty Assessment, & Visual Therapy


Eye Exams in the Nesconset, NY

We are your optometrists in Nesconset, NY. Dr. Gwen Gnadt, Dr. Bradley R. Meltzer, Dr. Kristin Protosow, Dr.Kristen Tamburro, and Dr. Tracy Rossi, and staff are dedicated to providing an eye care experience that is unparalleled in its quality and compassion of care. Our eye doctors strive to give personalized attention, excellent eye exam care and high quality optical solutions as the preferred optometrist service in Nesconset, NY.

A genuine concern for the visual well being of our patients is a cornerstone of our eye care that combines experienced Nesconset optometrists and the most advanced eye care technology. Our patients leave our office confident that their eye health was thoroughly evaluated, satisfied that they have been educated on the status of their eye health and all of their vision correction options and pleased to know their eye glasses and contact lenses were fit with great care and accuracy.

If you are currently a patient at Eye Vision Associates, we thank you. If you are not, we ask you to consider visiting our practice to personally experience the optometric care we can provide you and your loved ones, from comprehensive eye exams to hard to fit contact lenses. Please call or stop by our office in Nesconset, which also serves the nearby areas of Lake Grove and Holbrook, our eye doctors and staff will be happy to assist you with all of your eyecare needs.

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Q&A with Dr. Protosow

Dr. Kristin Protosow, Answers Your Eyecare Questions

I have heard the term Low Vision mentioned but I don’t know what it means. Can someone tell me what Low Vision is and who would benefit from it?

“Low vision” is a term we use for patients that have a reduced best corrected vision. In other words, even with the best possible glasses prescription for the patient’s eyes their vision remains less then 20/20. This generally occurs from disease or injury and makes it difficult for the patient to preform everyday tasks, such as reading, being on the computer or watching TV. Low Vision exams are helpful to these patients because we can assess the vision they have and prescribe magnifying glasses and devices that make it easier for the patient to see. Solutions tend to be vey different for different people even when they have the same diagnosis and vision! It’s important to take the time to make sure each patient has a personalized exam and is given the best options for them.

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Q&A with Dr. Meltzer

Dr. Bradley Meltzer Answers Your Eyecare Questions

My child is struggling in school. Should I have his/her eyes examined?

A comprehensive eye examination by an optometrist can often determine if there are visual issues interfering with a child’s ability to perform in school. Many visual symptoms, some obvious, others less so, can contribute to a child’s poor academic achievement. The most common symptoms to watch out for:

Blur at distance or near
Skipping or re-reading lines or words
Reduced reading comprehension
Difficulty shifting focus from near to far or far to near
Difficulty copying from the smart board
Double vision
Closing or covering an eye when working at near
Headaches; especially in the forehead, temple, or eyebrow regions
Difficulty attending to near work or an avoidance of reading
Poor spelling
Misaligning numbers in math
Unusual head or body posture when working at near

Some of these issues can be alleviated with a good pair of eyeglasses while others may require vision therapy. All the doctors at Eye Vision Associates are trained in the diagnosis of vision related learning problems. If you have any questions regarding your child (or any young school aged family member) please feel free to contact our two therapy doctors Dr. Meltzer: or Dr. Tamburro: For more information click below.

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